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Drug harm and demand reduction:

  • Treatment, rehabilitation and recovering of drug addicts.
  • Harm reduction, needle and syringe exchange program(NSEP), awareness and prevention of the prevalence of drug usage.
  • Prevention of transmission of blood borne diseases (HIV/AIDs, Hep B&C and STIs).
  • Follow-up and social reintegration of the recovered drug users.

Public Health Improvement:

  • Implementation of Water and Sanitation Health (WASH) programs.
  • Control of Malaria and Leishmaniosis.

Social Welfare of the Community

  • Community consultation.
  • Establishing viable links with local traditional authorities (Jirgas/Shuras).
  • Participating in community activities.

Capacity Building and Education:

  • Training and workshops for groups and individual’s capacity enhancement.
  • Advocacy and awareness creation campaigns.
  • Vocational training programs, aiming at job opportunities.
  • Assist families in joining their children with schools.
  • Accelerated learning classes for aged students to join formal schools.
  • Adults literacy.

Peace Building and Justice:

  • Support to family and communities’ conflict/disputes resolution.
  • Promotion of legally accepted traditional justice methods and elimination of negative components of traditional justice.
  • Linking informal traditional justice to the formal justice system of the state.
  • Promotion and facilitation of accesses to justice by marginalized groups of the society.
  • Anti-corruption concepts promotion, training and awareness creation campaigns.

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