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History Of Creation

The legal and full name for the Nejat Center is; Nejat Center for Social Development and Drug Rehabilitation Medical Services. NEJAT means (Freedom and Salvation) in Farsi language. When Nejat was first established in 1991 in Peshawar, Pakistan it was mostly dealing with Afghan refugees drug addicts’ rehabilitation, social reintegration and to make them Free from drug usage. Therefore, the entity was widely popular among the Afghan and local communities in Peshawar as Nejat Center.

Nejat Center for “Social Development and Drug Rehabilitation Medical Services “is a non-governmental, non-political and non- for profit organization which promotes development and humanitarian assistance to the vulnerable groups and focus on wider aspects of drugs such as drug advocacy, treatment and HIV-AIDS prevention and is also involved in education/skill development, peace building/social reintegration and public health programs.

Nejat was first
in Year

As mentioned earlier, Nejat Center has been established in June 1991 in Peshawar, Pakistan and provided numerous drug advocacy and treatment services to drug users (male and female) in various refugees’ camps in Peshawar, Pakistan. Nejat Center also had cross boarder operations in Badakhshan province for opium addicts from Pakistan during the years 1994 to 1998. These programs in Peshawar and Badakhshan were mainly supported by European Union (EU), Deutsch Ordens Hospital-work International (DOH), Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), ORA international and United Nations Fund for Drug Control (UNDCP).

Drug Harm and Demand Reduction

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The Nejat Center shifted its operation to Kabul, Afghanistan in March 2002. Since 2002 Nejat, Center as independent Afghan NGO, continues its activities in the field of community base drug advocacy/rehabilitation, HIV-AIDS prevention, peace building/conflict resolution, education/capacity building and public health/sanitation in Kabul and in the north, east and northeast regions of Afghanistan.
Currently Nejat Center is running a community based drug rehabilitation, social reintegration and family conflict resolution program in Kabul supported by Caritas Germany. This program provides drug rehabilitation in variety of new methods and community support services for male and female drug users.
Hujra/Dosti (Community Daycare Center) is another major program of Nejat Center with the financial support from NCA which is being operated for past almost 20 years in the refugees’ camps of Pakistan and also in the provinces of Kabul and Faryab of Afghanistan. The main focus of the Hujra-Dosti program is drug advocacy and home based drug treatment and rehabilitation for male and female.

At present, Nejat Center with financial support from NCA, is also running vocational training programs for youth (male and female) aiming at job opportunities in Kabul, Jalalabad, Balkh Page 2 Nejat Center Profile/Fact-Sheet 2019 and Faryab provinces for the purpose of skill development and building up self-reliance individuals.
Furthermore, Nejat Center has also recently implemented a major program under the name of “prevention of illicit drug use and treatment of drug use disorder for Adolescents at risk” in Kabul, Nangarhar and Balkh provinces which was supported by United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and International Narcotics and Law-enforcement Affairs of the US State Department (INL-US)
However, Nejat Center through its 28 years of community base working experience and good reputation has been accepted by the Afghan society, government partners and other stakeholders as reliable entity and its contribution and services provision in the sectors of drug control, capacity building, peace building and social reintegration are appreciated and recognized.

the legal status

  • Registered with Ministry of Economy (MoEc), Afghanistan under registration number (103), dated 13 May 2005, as non-governmental organization with the name of; Nejat Center for Social Development and Drug Rehabilitation Medical Services.
  • Registered at the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs (MoLSA), Afghanistan under registration number: (52).
  • Registered with the Ministry of Public Health, Afghanistan


The Nejat Center is governed by an external Board of Directors (BDs) comprises of 7 members (5 males and 2 females), which hold quarterly meetings in relation to overall performance of the Center. The Board of Directors is headed by a Chairperson. The BDs oversees the overall execution of the program and provide strategic directions and advises to the management for effective implementation. The day to day management is carried out by Executive Director (ED) who is support by Program and Financial Managers.
 The ED is responsible and report to the Board of Directors. The management of Nejat Center is also supported by three home based international advisors (2 German & 1 Japanese nationals). The advisors are experts in drug abuse control public health and programs’ management. They provide professional advises to the Nejat Center on regular basis for management of its programs and how to tackle the drug problem in Afghanistan.

our team

Ulrich Kohler
Ulrich KohlerCEO & Founder
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Mohammad Qasim Zamani
Mohammad Qasim ZamaniExecutive Director
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Sayed Hassan
Sayed HassanSenior Advisor
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A Service: For the People, By the People, Of the People.

To bring measurable and sustainable improvements in people’s life and social welfare of their communities, to restore the broken life of drug users and to create healthy, peaceful and self-sufficient environment, by engaging the marginalized individuals/ groups of people in the context of Afghan tradition of sincerity, hospitality and respect.

1. To reduce the demand for illicit drugs and the harm caused by illicit drug use in the communities.
2. To enable excluded individuals and marginalized communities by providing them with public health support, education and skill development, in order to be self-sufficient and to contribute effectively to the development process in the community.
3. To create peaceful environment for individuals and communities by providing them support in conflicts/disputes resolution and access to justice.
4. To collaborate Nejat actions with other entities that are promoting the welfare of Afghan citizens in areas where Nejat actions take place.

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