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Residential Hujra Dosti Jangalak program Faryab Program
 About Nejat Center .:: Brief Background of NEJAT Center

NEJAT Social Development, Drug Rehabilitation and medical services Peshawar, Pakistan has been established in June 1991 and worked until February 2002 in Peshawar, Pakistan.
NEJAT Center had a 20- beds facility for residential program for male drug users with the support of EC through ORA Intel, Per-treatment phase (Day-Care Center) supported by NCA (Norwegian Church Aid)  and community based program in three Afghan refugee camps (Pabi, Khorasan and New Akora Khatak) supported by CMS (Church Mission Service) and ORA Intel in Peshawar. Also recently we carried out the residential and community based program in Zebak, Wakhan, Sheghnan and Ishkashem of Badakhshan province with the support of ORA Int.

Since 2002 NEJAT Drug Rehabilitation Centre functions as an independent Afghan NGO and continues its activities with a 10-bed residential facility and community based drug rehabilitation program in Kabul Afghanistan with the partner support of DOH International for Afghans.
Also NEJAT Center carried out its activities in the field of community based drug rehabilitation in Jalalabad and Kabul with the support of UNODC and GTZ.

Currently we are running the residential program with 10-bed facility supported by Caritas Germany, Night shelter 40 beds, Outpatient 10 clients per month and 60 bed residential program at Kot-e Sangi with the support of UNODC/INL, pretreatment phase Hujra/Dost (Day-Care-Center) and Outreach services for providing drug abuse harm reduction and HIV prevention that is supported by NCA (Norwegian Church Aid).Women outreach for Female Injecting Drug Users (FIDUs) Project  in Kabul Old City (Kharabat) supported by Caritas Germany. This project provides HIV prevention among women drug users and spouses of male injecting drug users.ACommunity home base treatment for women (20 women each month)and 10 bed residential facilities for male drug users at FaryabAndkhoi district operating with the financial support of NCA. The Outpatient treatment Center (OPTC) for male drug users that is being supported by the Colombo Plan is currently operating inFaryab Province. The other majore project under the name of “prevention of illicit drug use and treatment of drug use disorder for Adolescents at risk (GLOK42)” in Kabul, Nangarhar and Balkh provinces are being implemented by NEJAT Center. The mention project was supported by UNODC from June 2012 up to November 2013 from November 2013 onwards theColombo Plan take the lead to support this project.Further, NEJAT has vocational training programs for drug users under treatment and treated drug users and their families for the purpose of building up a resilient community and self-reliance drug free individual.



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